Carbide Create Not Showing Simulation for Small Pocket Cuts

I have tried .dxl, creating paths with Carbide Create circle tools, and I even tried svg. I can’t get the simulation to show up on the small holes. I am going to run the G code on the my Shapeoko XXL as soon as I get home to see if it still runs fine. Has anyone else had this issue? Any Fixes?

Yes I restarted the program.
Yes other toolpaths show up in the simulator for Outside, Inside, and No Offset
Yes the toolpath is closed and black.


Pockets must be at least 10% larger than the endmill diameter. In all dimensions.


It’s not that the simulation isn’t showing a toolpath that it exists, it’s that there is no toolpath because they aren’t being found and milled…because the selected tool is too big.