Carbide Create Pause Function

I know that adding a pause function to Carbide Create has been discussed before, but I haven’t seen anyone describe how I would use it. Adding a Pause function between Operations would allow me to change clamping, if necessary, while not changing to a different tool. I want to pocket one edge without clamps on that edge, then pause, add clamps to that edge and remove other clamps before I cut those edges. I know I can do 2 completely different files to accomplish that, but it seems like it shouldn’t be necessary. Is there a way to do that while using the same tool?

I will actually use the same tool with two different tool numbers for a pretend tool change to create a pause too add hardware for hold downs.


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The BitSetter is great but if you need to make major set up changes then you should make separate tool paths. Run your first path then the machine will stop and go to the back. Set up your second job and use the “Change Tool” to cause the BitSetter to still work for you. Then just run the second tool path.

There is a pause already built in with two separate tool paths.

If you have not done this you create as many tool paths as you need. Then order the tool paths in the order you want them to cut. Disable all but one tool path and save that gcode as a unique file name. Go back un disable the next tool path and disable the one you just saved. Repeat this until all your tool paths are saved separately with unique names. Be sure to run them in order. You dont want to cut out a project before you vcarve or something like that.

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