Carbide Create pocket cut

(PWCNC-Rick) #1

30” X 9”
0.063 cutter for the wedding bands
0.125 cutter fo the rest

(Howard Camardelle) #2

Very nice work Richard. I hope to be able to produce something that nice one day. Good job!

(PWCNC-Rick) #3

Fun part has become the designing part,
Watching it come to life as it cuts away.

(Loren Baric) #4

Can you post the files for this. Would like to add this to my list of projects

(PWCNC-Rick) #5

I’ll try to get them posted over the weekend.

(Jeff Peters) #6

Were you able to post the files some where.

(PWCNC-Rick) #7

No not yet, when I can get back to my shop I’ll be sure to post if I can.

(Jeff Peters) #8

Have you been able to post the files yet.