Carbide Create Pro - Free For a Year

The title says it all. We’re trying to find extra value we can provide to the Carbide 3D community, who might have a lot of extra time on its collective hands, and we thought this might a good distraction for people stuck at home and it might give users who sell products a way to level-up their offerings.

Go to and claim your free one year license for CC Pro. If you’re not logged in you’ll need to do so and then visit the link again.

UPDATE: Due to the large volume of requests being sent out, Yahoo, and companies like Verizon and AOL that run email through Yahoo, are rejecting email from us. It looks like the ban is reset every four hours or so. If you have an Yahoo email address, it may take a day to get a login email from us.


Awesome! Thanks for opening this up. I look forward to using it with some of this extra time I have.

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Is there a way to download a new version of the software (Create or Motion) without losing access to the current version I have? I’m on a Mac.

I really want to try the new Carbide Create, but since I use my machine to make income, I’m always hesitant to get myself in a spot where I don’t know the new version yet, or there’s a bug. I need to always have that old friend to fall back on.

What is a reasonable time to wait for a verification email? I was not registered on that site, and now I am waiting for the verification email. Sounds like I am just whining about waiting (I have the things to do, so that’s not it) but I want to make sure the system is working as intended.

I waited a minute or two for the first one, then clicked the “send me another one” link. Normally, those come within a minute, but it’s been about 5 now?


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so excited to get started! i logged in and it only gave me a 30 day free trial. is there a different option? or will this stay active after the end date? thanks for your time.

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I am a member of the forum and own a xxl. When I go to Carbide 3d Launchpad and log in I get These Credientals Do Not Match Our Records. What do I need to do or contact?

Some e-mail providers simply won’t forward on our automated e-mails — if you don’t get a response in a couple of minutes and it’s not in your spam folder try again with a different e-mail address.

Did you use the link?

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Yes directly and copy pasted. Neither worked.

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In order to sign up for the promo you need to be logged into the Launch portal.

If you have generated a 15 day trial code in the past, use those credentials to log in.

Otherwise, if you’re a new user (to the launch portal) click the ‘register’ button and sign yourself up for a new account.

once you have your account - hit the link again and you’ll be taken to the promo page


That is freaking awesome!
To all of you folks at Carbide, thank you.


yes, i shut down fire fox opened it back up and the 1 year was there. thanks again and look forward to the new software

@MadHatter Were you able to get an email kicked back yet? I have tried a couple of email addresses and haven’t seen an email yet. Thanks!

Thank-you guys. (and while I’m here: particular thanks to Brandon in Support who has been an outstanding help to me the past few days - despite him being away from home, and communicating with me via wi-fi phone during these troubling times)

My question (and I did search the forum first for this - honest!) exactly what information do we need to paste into the CC registration window in order to activate/unlock this capability? My e-mail looks as follows (others needn’t try copying and pasting - I edited/added/deleted more than a few of the characters!)

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everything from -----BEGIN LICENSE----- to -----END LICENSE-----
EDIT: included!


Thanks Julien - I literally just worked out to save the included *.txt file within the e-mail, and simply upload that file into CC. Sorry - I’m apparently having a “Monday” on a “Tuesday”.

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Unfortunately, not yet.

When I punch your email address into the control panel for the email service we use for sending, it looks like users at your email provider have hit the “complain” button so we’re being temporarily blocked from sending to your domain. Looks like it should open back up in about 4 hours.

UPDATE: Looks like we’re blocked at Yahoo for about 4 hours and Hotmail has us rate limited too. We’re obviously getting a lot of traffic on this offer so there are unintended consequences I guess.

UPDATE 2: Looking at the email server log, it seems like it’s going to keep trying emails to those domains periodically so the messages should come through on their own at some point tonight.


Thanks so much for the chance to check out Carbide Create Pro!

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I was able to crate a user using my Gmail address.

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