Carbide Create Pro Tool Paths on Mirrored Images

I’m having an issue where I mirror an image to make an exact left/right copy and then group the vectors. When I create the tool paths, one half will go to the desired path (ex. outer right) but the mirrored side will go to the opposite (inside/left) path. I have tried tracing the vectors, but they still come out as two vectors instead of one and have the same resulting opposite tool path.

Did you “group” the vectors or join them? Maybe the latter would produce the desired result.

Post the file?

We should be able to work out what happened and how to address it if you will upload it here.

If you make a tool path and then copy and paste and then mirror it should be added to the original tool path. Maybe delete your tool path, copy the vectors, mirror the one you want mirrored, highlight all the vectors and then make your tool path. It is best to make tool paths after all the design is done.

Thanks Cullen!
I did figure this out after some trial and error. New to the whole thing, so this wasn’t even something I knew I needed to do. Once I joined them the mirroring issue was resolved!

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