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Using a Shapeoko XXL and I’m new here and new the this CNC business.

I’ve set the tool paths. When I’m done, after running the simulation, I point to each toolpath title and on the drawing it shows as a black tool path. This verifies that I have created the toolpath for that operation. If I haven’t I can Right click on the tool path and do an edit.

The problem I’m having is when I click on a toolpath I’ve created, for a through hole that is 1/8 inch in diameter using a 1/8 inch endmill, I have no Indication when I mouse and point to the toolpath title or when I run the simulation that the operation will be done. Does any one know if it will Drill/Cut the hole if it doesn’t show up on the simulation?

I have tried/edited – Inside Left and Pocket for this operation and neither show up. What can I do to cut this Hole?

For 1/8" endmill to create a hole, it needs a hole 10% larger in CC. This is just the way CC works. You need to use something else to create holes like that - a smaller endmill, or a different software package. I don’t remember, but I don’t believe CC has a specific “Drill” operation.


While Carbide Create will cut features which it has wrongly discarded from the 3D preview during the optimization pass (use the blue toolpath lines to see where it will actually cut), @mikep is correct that to cut a given feature the smallest width of the feature must be at least 10% larger than the endmill diameter.

There isn’t a drill feature in Carbide Create — we suggest that you mill out a pocket rather than trying to drill which leaves one open to deflection.

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For 1/8" endmill to create a hole, it needs a hole 10% larger in CC. This is just the way CC works.

I would put the largest hole according to the bit until I see it in the simulation when it appears I can do my drilling.

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Thanks both of you for your replies. After reading the replies that Carbide Create hasn’t a drilling feature, I went in and edited the tool path to use a Vee bit at 0.008" Depth and No Offset. I wonder if that will give a clean enough dimple to use as a center to drill it on the drill press. Seeing I don’t have a Vee bit I"ll cut it and lay out and drill the holes in the drill press. there’s just two. I just wanted the CNC to do it. This being my second project. Maybe they could put a drilling feature in the next Version.

Thanks Jose for your reply. I appreciate each of you for helping me understand more about Carbide Create.

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