Carbide Create rotating multiple objects

I have a file that I designed in Carbide Create and I am having trouble rotating my design. Originally it was going to be 16x16, but then I decided to bump it up to 16x24. To do this, I was planning on keeping the 16" in the X direction and going 24" in the Y direction using 2 cuts (I only have the 16x16 machine). When I try to rotate my image, I cannot seem to be able to just rotate everything 90 degrees counter clockwise and keep all the geometry the same in relationship to the original drawing. All my text letters go absolutely crazy and end up all over the place. I’m sure it something easy/stupid that I am doing, but would appreciate any help.

Post the file if you want help… Otherwise what can we do other than cry for yea? lol

I manage to rotate get everything lined up and save. The next time open up the file it’s all messed up outta alignment! Wish i had an answer.

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I’m having the same problem! Can’t imagine that Carbide Create doesn’t have this function. Regular closed geometric shapes rotate fine but once you do a “merged” shape i.e. boolean or curved/joined lines the rotate function disappears when you save and reopen the file. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Yea it seems to be a common issue with Create. I have a logo that is multiple pieces which I flipped a copy of over 180 degrees to save space on the cut (I am cutting vinyl on the Shapeoko 3) If I reload the file the flipped copy is all sorts of janky.

It looks like the parts are in the right place but the rotation to each part is not applied on the reload.

I am also wondering if I am using the newest Create ? is 288 the latest?

Janky logo