Carbide Create Send to Carbide Motion No longer working

So, I recently finally updated the firmware and moved on up to Motion 4 as well as Carbide Create Build 316. Since those upgrades, I cannot get Carbide Create to have the “Send to Carbide Motion” button anymore. I used to be able to by opening the “load” window in Carbide Motion and then the button would show up in Carbide Create. Since using both new softwares, I cannot get it to show up. Is there a workaround other than saving the gcode and opening it? It was just so much simpler to send it straight over. And the new software is worth keeping rather than going back. :slight_smile:

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Dang, am I the only 1 with this problem? Or is this something that’s WAI?

It also didn’t work consistently for me, so I ended up saving the file in Create and opening it in Motion. Now I pretty much use workaround all the time.