Carbide Create setup/Project Thickness

I designed a project over the weekend and incorrectly listed the project thickness in the set up section as .75 instead of .5. I designed the project and went to cut it out. The router started off on the correct path, but the Z axis never came down to the board to start milling.
I discovered my error and changed the set up menu to the correct board thickness, however it continued to run above the work surface.
I started the project over from scratch and used the correct thickness in the set up menu. All of the other settings were identical. The project ran perfectly.
My question: If you design a project with the incorrect thickness and then change the thickness, won’t CC recognize the change?
Just curious

Hi Bill,

What version of CC are you using ?
I remember a bug on earlier versions where edited values were not always porperly taken into account.
If you edit the stock thickness and re-save G-code, it should be taken into account.
From your description I take it you zero off the stock bottom ?

EDIT: I just tested with CC 514 (available here) and editing stock thickness + re-save G-code right after that works as expected.

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I have the latest version of CC (Machine is only a couple of weeks old. I zero off of the top of the work surface.
I am halfway convinced that I had mistakenly hit “bottom zero” at some point in the set up, but I am absolutely sure that I set it to zero off of the top when I tried correcting the settings.

When you change thickness you have to re-save the tool paths.

The thickness of the stock would only come into play at the bottom of your cuts when you zero at the top (you’d cut an extra 0.25" deep into your wasteboard). If you zero at the bottom in your Create file but then zero at the top of your actual stock, you will cut down TO the top of your stock. It’ll just start your programmed thickness above zero.
Can you share the CC file or gcode?

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Thanks for the reply Neilferreri. That was the only thing that I could find wrong with the code.
I can’t share the code because I deleted it to keep from confusing it with the re-written code.
I will chalk this one up to some other error in set up that I could not find. I was able to successfully recreate the project and it ran perfectly.

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