Carbide Create shows blank page for toolpath simulation

Hi, New to this community forum. I have been using my laptop to design projects, and haul it out to my shop for connection to the Shapeoko 3XXL to run the cuts.
Everything works fine on the windows 10 laptop
HOWEVER, I had an old tower PC that I used before I retired to work from home and I upgraded it to the latest windows 10. It has 6 GB Ram and a terabyte of disk space.
I wanted something I could leave out there, and I created a filtered air space for the shelf I put it on…
anyway, the point is, I can’t get anything but a blank screen when I “show simulation”.

Even when I draw a simple square shape and setup a contour tool path. It only shows a blank screen.

I can design, create tool paths, and everything except “show simulation”

I know the problem lies in my PC setup since the laptop works fine with the same version of Carbide Create.

build 623 built on 2021-12-01
64 bit build
free edition
OpenGL : ES 2.0

and - Carbide Motion on this tower workstation seems to run the machine just fine.

I have read through the community and found a few similar experiences from others like the one on Jan 2018, but nothing exactly like what I am having currently.

Any and All responses appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

I had the same problem and contacted support. The problem is you need at least OpenGL 3.2.

If you use Carbide Create 530 it should work fine with the older version of OpenGL. But you won’t get the latest features.

My ancient CNC laptop has a 1st gen Core i3 CPU which only supports OpenGL 2.1 (on the integrated GPU). Based on my research I think you need at least a 3rd Gen CPU to get OpenGL 3.2 on Windows, with the integrated GPU on the processor. If you have a more modern graphics card installed in the system that might support a newer version of OpenGL with the right driver. All of this is for Intel CPUs, I am not sure of the driver support for AMD CPU/GPUs.


WOW! Fast response, and definitely something I wasn’t aware of.
I have been doing patches, updates, and CA certificate store repairs. Seems I was chasing down the wrong rabbit hole.

Thanks a million. I will check that out.

Please also try the beta:

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thanks, I will give that a try as well.

Jason, you are a life saver. Once you pointed me in the right direction, I found the proper video card driver (although it wasn’t easy). NVIDIA doesn’t support the old hardware anymore and there is no driver from them for Windows 10.

SO - I finally found an archive driver page from Microsoft and downloaded their driver supplied for windows 10

NVIDIA driver update for NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GS
Windows 10 and later upgrade & servicing drivers Drivers (Video)
1/28/2016 version

Once I was able to get the setup to run, it installed all support for the video card, AND, openGL 3.3

With your help, all is well with the world again, and I can return to the fun stuff of making sawdust instead of sifting through GOOGLE to find the hidden golden egg.

Happy woodworking,

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It looks like the issues started at 612 (Open GL changes for simulation) 610 is the last I can get to work.

Then when I tried 627, I found that the whole screen was missing!

Looks like 625 “(FIX) Try to explicitly set the OpenGL version.” put the final nail in the coffin for older machines like the one I was using.

Disappointing… a decent graphics card for OpenGL 3.2+ costs more than a year of Pro!

Look for an updated graphics driver for your machine. Open GL 3.2 is not cutting edge at all so we’d expect it to be supported by most modern-ish machines. It also doesn’t require a dedicated graphics card. We’ve tested Carbide Create on machines with the built-in Intel GPUs and it works.

We may look at porting all of the shader code back to an earlier version but that would be a last resort since making changes to the OpenGL code is a little like whack-a-mole. We hit one problem and another comes up.

Thanks Rob,

I have the Intel Express G41 chipset in my PC and I can’t find a new driver that works. I thought I had one but Win 10 wouldn’t recognize it to update… tricky. The PC is new enough to run Win 10, just not too sharp on the graphics!

If anyone who has a file to update this chipset, it would be appreciated !

I understand your Open GL situation… in my case it would just let me keep an older PC in the shop to check on details, or work on something different while “Shapeoko-ing” a project. The “design laptop” doesn’t go in the shop.

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