Carbide Create suggestion

Just wondering if the devs ever considered adding to the toolpaths simulation in carbide create. It would be pretty cool to have the face of the project a different color from the carved paths in simulation. An example would be a black project face and wood colored carvings. Although I’m not sure how difficult that would be to program. Would be cool though.


We’ve absolutely thought about it but we haven’t been sure about how many options we’d need to make it useful.

The easiest is the case you’ve mentioned, simulating the top of the wood being painted and then the natural wood texture underneath. If we do it, that would probably be the first.

Are there others you’d be looking for?


No that would be perfect. My suggestion would be
Color selection for the face of the project and adding an opacity option. That really is all that is needed for the initial implementation. Keep it simple and see how the community responds. I’d imagine it will be positively respected.

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