Carbide Create takes a long time to quit

Is this normal?

MeshCam takes a long time to quit too but CC takes at least five times longer even after Force Quit.

Latest version CC 6xx on M1 MacBook Air, Big Sur 11.3.1.

Could you define “long”? How long is too long?

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It takes a few minutes for the dot under the icon (in this OS) to disappear (the window does close right away). Most apps quit completely in a few seconds. CC is the only app I have that generates and saves g code. Maybe that explains the time.

I think the problem was due to the fact that the initial file came from a flash drive and CC wanted to save it to the drive and didn’t have a way to tell me.

Since I’ve weaned it (CC) from the flash drive it quits right away as it should.

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