Carbide create text help?

So I have done a couple projects now, and the text i choose for one project and i like the text, when i go to the next project I cant find the same text and I cant seem to figure out how to know what the text is called on the original project, help

Select the text in the original file, click on the Text icon — that will allow one to inspect the text settings.

tried that it works but once i close the program and re open it doesnt work anymore

Please try the standard computer troubleshooting techniques:

  • shut down
  • check for updates
  • reboot

Let us know what you find out and post the file here or to

Fonts and CC have a troubled relationship. Dont know if you have updated since the original project but sometimes fonts need to be downloaded, right clicked and installed for all users. This may seem bizarre but that sometimes works for fonts not showing up. You can always reinstall any font. My LibreOffice application shows every system font in alphabetical order but CC shows them in random order with no relationship to alphabetical order or any order I can discern. LOL :heart_eyes:

Still not able to see what previous font is used, I shouldn’t have to write down every font I like

Please post the file in question and we will do our best to look into it with you.