Carbide create to carbid motion

When I make a file in carbide create and use the send to carbide motion button, it sends the file properly and starts good and all but as soon as the but enters the material, the program stops.
If I export the same file to Gcode and run it thru carbide motion, it runs flawlessly without issue.

Anyone know a fix for that?

Thats been a problem for quite a while, CM seems to truncate the gcode file when you use that feature. I’m hoping that gets fixed with the next version, it’s a great idea.

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What version and platform does this exist on? I’ve never even seen this option.

It’s on all of them now I believe, but it’s still in testing since in the current version, there’s no check for a complete transfer — hopefully that will be added and it will be reliable enough to depend on in a future version.

If I recall correctly you have to have CM running when you launch CC. Create or edit an existing .c2d file, create a toolpath, and you should see the “Send to Carbide Motion” button above the “Save G Code” button

Strange. Don’t have this button, have never seen this button. Running 652 on CC, 564 on CM. Even moved window from monitor to the laptop monitor.

On later versions, it’s also necessary to set a preference to allow this.

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