Carbide Create Tool Library Format

I may have missed the memo, but clearly at some point the Carbide Create tool library file format was changed and my personal library disappeared. I duplicated one of the new Carbide libraries, copied and reformatted my personal data into that, and it’s working again.

Is there any type of data dictionary available to define what all the columns mean? Most are straightforward, but not all. Thanks.

The terminology used should be covered in the Glossary:

If it’s not, let us know which terms aren’t in there and we’ll do our best to explain.

Thanks. Specifically “cornerradius” and “cutpower”.

Corner radius is how much a square endmill is rounded off if that is done — unfortunately, Carbide Create doesn’t support this.

Apparently the Amana 36376-K endmill has such rounding.

Cut power is blank in all the files I’ve seen — you’d have to ask @robgrz for the specifics on that — I suspect it is a bit of future-proofing for an evaluation on how much horsepower is needed to rotate an endmill to cut through a given material, but that’s just a reasoned assumption.

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