Carbide Create Update Issues

Hey Guys,

I have been using carbide create for about 4 months now and recently upgraded to the Pro version with the free trail that was offered. I had reinstalled the program for the upgrade and am currently using build #464.

I have been having issues with the time for my toolpaths since the upgrade. Things that would have taken roughly 30 minutes in the old program are now taking about 50. I looked into it further and saw the feeds and rpms’s for bits had also changed. I swear the old #302 rpms were around 8000 where they are now 18000? Also if I change the feed rate from 40 to 100 there is no difference in the time for the toolpath. Plungerate also makes no difference. Am I doing something wrong in the new upgrade with pro or has other users been experiencing these issues?

Thanks for any help.

I should mention this is for a normal Vcarve tool path such as lettering and stars.

Supposedly they have changed the feeds and speeds to more accurate F&S for the Shapeoko. I think most of the older F&S were for the Nomad. In the data directory you can add your own library and insert what ever tools you want with the F&S you want. The original F&S that Carbide 3d is still there but you can customize your own tool data base to what ever you want. There are quite a few articles on the forum about how you create the custom library.

If you go and look at the same tool for a nomad for hardwood and softwood you will see F&S differences as well as for the Shapeoko. Since the F&S is tuneable for a particular purpose they gave you the ability to add tools that C3d does not make and modify their tools to your own specifications.

One other thing is when CC estimates a time to cut, CM recalculates and is more accurate.

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Thanks for the quick response. If I have a 40 feedrate and 20 plungerate for my current project with a vcarve toolpath it says 1.5 hours almost. If I change my feed rate to 100 it does not change the timing at all, is this common or an error?

With my old version it seemed to change the time also.

The carbide 3d team is making changes to CC and CM at a very fast rate. I think that minor things like the timing are not at the top of the list of priorities. Send in to support is you think it is a bug or something needs improvement.

I think that when the software updates slow down in frequency they will have time to fix the minor issues like estimating time for a cut. I think right now they have bigger fish to fry. IMHO.


@hkyswim, I seem to remember posts about CC estimated times being off in some cases. When in doubt, you can also check the estimated cutting time for your generated G-code by using a standalone G-code viewer application. There are several ones online, I tend to do quick checks with this one:
(by just opening my G-code file, selecting all text, and copy/pasting it in the window on the left)

There are also offline programs like CAMotics

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Thanks guys, I will try the stand alone g-code viewer to verify and send a message to carbide 3D if I still see the difference.

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