Carbide create update

I updated my version of carbide create the other day, and now all the geometry I had seems to gone or altered beyond recognition. Did i do something wrong? are my drawings gone, and g code corrupted?

Please see the thread: “Carbide Craeate: What is new in the last release Beta 286”?

(Sorry-I don’t know how to link to a Particular thread yet.)

Dang! I meant the thread “Carbide Create Beta 285 files incomplete in CC Beta 286”

Thanks for trying to help! I have not found that yet. But I only looked one time. It usually takes me five or six tries to find what I am looking for

@richardm wrote:
"I’ve uploaded a Python 3 program for converting beta 285 drawings to beta 286. You can find them posted here:

To use the converter, you must have Python 3 running on your machine. Then download the two files to a folder of your choice, rename them so their extensions are .py (instead of .txt), then run the Convert… program in a Python console.
Let me know if it works for you."

joy! So if I don’t have this software, I am screwed?

I guess I need to look into some real software now.
This project WAS supposed to help me MAKE money to try to keep my house.
BUT is turning out to be the story of the first homeless person with a shapeoko xxl. Thanks for trying to help

If you can find a way to send me the file, I can try to translate it and send back the translated version. No promise it will work, but maybe worth a try.

Anything Carbide Create can do can be done w/ Inkscape, MakerCAM and F-Engrave and your choice of previewing and comm / control software.

Sounds like some decent solutions, but I really do not want to have to do that every time there is an update. I guess I am learning about what “beta software” is about the hard way.

I do not think I need to be re-doing work that I thought I had done already.

Can anyone recommend some software that will work for designing gears and some day, 3d stuff?

I was considering mesh cam, but I do not know how to start researching what will work with these machines

MeshCAM requires 3D CAD software — Alibre Atom3D seems to work well for mechanical things and one can export an STL from it to process using MeshCAM.