Carbide Create v7: gcode export only for pro?

I know, I’m late to the party checking out V7. I should have objected back in the beta. But, well, I didn’t and now I’m suddenly finding out that core functionality was removed for me.

As a Shapeoko owner, I feel that I was given the right to use CC without having to also use CM (*).

Can you please add a 3rd tier of license (Free, Shapeoko Owner, Pro) that enables gcode export for people that have purchased a Carbide3D machine? Doing so continues to allow you to limit the use of the free version for other machines without alienating your otherwise happy customers.

(*) Before someone says I should just use CM, I recently switched to using CNCjs instead of CM because CM has no support for 3rd party probes. I use 2 probes (a dry contact probe for anything metallic and a more general touch probe otherwise). I use these probes heavily for multi sided machining. With either of these 2 probes and CNCjs, I can easily find the edge of an object, probe the middle of a hole or the middle of a positive feature. I highly doubt that this is ever going to be possible in CM so using it isn’t an option for me.

@crpalmer FYI: As a Shapeoko Owner, you are entitled to use the online tool to extract your GCODE file from the version 7 c2d file, so you can use it without CM without needing to buy the Pro version of CC. I don’t have that need (I’m a CM user), but I did try it out and it’s super simple to use. It just adds one extra step on your way to your other software - instead of making an extra save to create the nc, you use this tool.

The extraction tools is at: Extract GCode from Carbide Create V7

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