Carbide create will not make an outside cut on something

I made something in corel draw, exported to a SVG, imported this into makercam, exported svg out of makercam and opened in carbide create. Now when I try to assign an outside cut to the object it does not show the tool path on the image but it will show it if I choose no offset.

The line shows up pink in carbide create. I’ve had this problem before so I tried to resize the object so that a no offset cut gives me the proper size but that didn’t work out well.

I will try and post the SVG and the carbide create fileVertical Bracket.c2d (97.5 KB)

ok when I try to post the SVG file nothing shows up?

If you could get the SVG uploaded that would be great. When the lines of an object are pink, that usually means that there is a break in the path. Carbide create seems to need completed paths in order to create tool paths around.

I just looked at your Carbide Create file closer…and the path is indeed broken. You can zoom in real close to the right side curve and there is a break…

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Thank you for the find, I closed the line in carbide create and the problem still present. I opened the SVG file back up in corel fixed it there as well, loaded it into carbide and the problem is still there. So I then loaded it into makercam, then exported it and it still will not do a outside cut.

I found the problem…or I should say a Fix. In CorelDraw, there is a function called ‘Join Curves’ which is located under Windows-Docks-Join Curves. You can set a tolerance for a gap(s) to connect. This worked and it also allowed me to not have to use Makercam as well.

I have to give credit to the folks at Sawmillcreek forum for the tip.

yeah, you can’t just put the ends together in Carbide Create. The fix has to be the in the SVG with a completed path. Glad you found the fix in CorelDraw…gotta love forums :wink:

Don’t forget to share the completed project. I’d love to see how it all turned out.

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