Carbide Create Win10 Fonts

Pardon me if this has been asked elsewhere but I could not locate any previous reference to the issue I have noted today…
Win 10 has just had a major update and now Carbide Create cannot “find” the fonts. They are in the directory structure where they typically are located. C:\windows\font and other programs can find them. I have reloaded Create but to no avail.
I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this.

Can’t bring myself to use the Windows 10 update on my tablet — waiting for the end of the 1year window to make that decision.

You should be able to set type in Inkscape, export as a .svg, then import that.

Or you could use Illustrator, which has just gotten something like to the nifty interface of Adobe’s Touchtype.

Or any other vector program which will export to a .svg.

Win10 has been working fine for me otherwise…and was working fine on this machine up until the last update…I actually have another Win10 machine so I swapped to that one and Carbide Create finds the fonts no problem…guess I’ll just use that one…

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Please share the specifics of the machine which wouldn’t work w/ Carbide 3D so that they can improve that.

I have a similar problem in that the fonts work fine on a Win10 PC that I installed Create on; and do not function on a PC that Create was working (using Win7) then the fonts selection disappeared after I upgraded to Win10.

I checked the Registry for the Carbide apps and they are the same on both systems. I uninstalled Create on the problem system, then reinstalled it, and the fonts still are not showing. It appears that fonts management is internal (e.g. using a .NET library) which someone in the know may want to explain.

This is a screenshot of the problem system. Note also the -x.xxxx values for “Size”.

I would be happy to provide additional information to help resolve this problem.

UPDATE: Both of the PC’s are running the 64-bit version of Win10.

I had the same problem. I re-downloaded, then reinstalled and it was fixed. Beta Build 283

Have not tried on the desktop since the new Win10 update today (build 10586.104), but the laptop works fine after above instructions.

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried the uninstall/reinstall of Beta 283 a few times and it didn’t help me.

I can see that Create was developed using Visual Studio C++ and installs the 2013 X86 version of the C++ Redistributable libraries even on a 64-bit Win10 system. If Carbide3D is using the standard Visual Studio libraries to get the list of current fonts, it should be working.

Are you using the 64-bit or 32-bit version of Win10?

The laptop has 64bit upgrade, and the desktop has 64bit pro

Same problem, Win 10 Pro, 64 bit, desktop. Mine looks the same as firstgengeeks screen shot.

Any updates on this? I am running windows 10 and 64bit version? my screen looks like firstgengeek’s screen as well.