Carbide Create with Layers

I thought I saw an email awhile ago that said Carbide Create now supports Layers in a project file? I don’ have the email and I haven’t been able to find any reference to it, so I thought I would ask here. Or am I dreaming?

Carbide Create supports a template layer where one may place a pixel image for re-drawing/tracing.

I just move elements a known distance out of the way at need. Tedious, but workable.

Thanks @WillAdams. How do we create two lines of text? 2 separate project files? Or should I create in Illustrator and in then convert and then import.

I am finally making the time to learn how to use my SO3. I have had it for over a year, and have had no time.



Create a second text object for a second line of text.

That said, if you know how to use Illustrator (or any other vector drawing program) you’ll be much happier drawing in it, then saving as an SVG and importing the SVG into CC.

Please note the following considerations however:

  • view in outline mode before saving — all the outlines (and only the outlines) will be imported — save a copy of the file and convert any type to paths
  • no overlapping or intersecting paths
  • correct winding of paths makes for a more reliable import, outermost counter-clockwise, next clockwise and alternate

Thanks @WillAdams