Carbide Motion 412 Crash

I’ve had two spectacular crashes with CM412. My GCode file was produced with VCarve Pro using the Shapeoko GCode inch processor. The simulation in VCarve looks great, there are 3 passes with tabs for the cutout but when I produce the part using Carbide Motion 412, the Shapeoko crashes miserably. Everything runs fine until the last portion of the code to cutoff, Instead of doing 3 passes to cut the .5in of maple, the Shapeoko digs all the way through to the wasteboard. I rechecked the design and the simulation, created a new Gcode file and ran a second piece with the same result. The first part of the project using a .125in end mill ran without any issue.

I ran the code through CAMotics but not being familiar with the software, I cannot see the last portion of the simulation well enough to determine if there are issues.

Here is the GCode fileRight Holder cuts (19.8 KB)

I’m currently in touch with Will in support but maybe someone else has any ideas or experienced similar issues.

I played around in CAMotics and it appears to run the GCode properly with 3 passes for the cutout. We’ve had a power failure that lasted a few hours so I had to sit idle. I will change my parameters and run 4 passes for the cutout to see if I can get it to execute properly.