Carbide Motion 417

I believe I found a couple of errors in 417. First: when I use the probe function with the 3D Touch probe sensor, the z is off by .11 every time. I have an HDZ on my machine. Secondly: when I go from probing to adjust my z height, the readout must be in metric. Prior to running this routine I have selected imperial units.

It could be me, let me know if I am making some mistake.

Too high or too low? Are you probing just Z or all three axes? Is the probe hanging off the corner or sitting all the way on top of your work?

It is too high. Happens when I probe the z axis. The touch plate is sitting down on the material.

The Z-axis zero (by itself) is probed (separately) with the probe block away from the XY zero corner; not “hooked over” the corner of the piece you are working on.

The “notch” in the bottom of the probe block is 3mm which is, for the most part, “0.11” inches.


I am curious then, how does the sensor then read the x and y if it is not hooked over? Should the sensor be butted up against the corner?

Please review