Carbide Motion acting like my wife

When I finish a job, the spindle automatically goes home and then refuses to talk to me any more. I can’t have it return to x0 y0 without closing CM and restarting it and going through the homing sequence again. When I click Send, nothing happens. This isn’t a problem because it remembers where X0 Y0 is, but I don’t remember it doing this in the past. Is this just another case of me continuing to become a UFO (ugly, fat and old)?


There ARE codes that will do that at the end of a program, and unfortunately, CM still has a problem with hitting a limit switch which causes it to like your wife (your words, lol). Maybe you could print out the last 10 lines of your program and we can review it.

This is using the Carbide3D post processor in Fusion360:
X-0.0282 Y-7.9998
G0 X3.1113 Y-1.5752
G1 Z-0.02 F70
X2.8141 Y-2.0884
X-0.4511 Y1.6816
X-0.154 Y1.1684
X-1.7309 Y-1.5752
G0 Z0.6
G28 G91 Z0
G28 X0 Y0

G28 G91 Z0
G28 X0 Y0

These lines should ONLY bring you back the Part’s 0/0, but I wouldn’t put it past CM to bring you back to the Machine’s 0/0.

Delete those 2 lines and rerun would be my first option.

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Every job I’ve created in F360 using the Carbide3D PP ends with those three lines. So I guess it has always happened and I’ve just never noticed it before.

I hope your wife doesn’t read the forums… have you tried giving flowers to your So3? Quality time tolerating a rom-com movie with it?

Maybe if you give it some cute engraving work to do to make a jewelry box or something for a gift, that’ll go well for both it and your wife :wink:

Mines been behaving the same way lately. I say lately because I think it started when I went to grbl1.1 and the v4 CM, But I can’t pin the timeline that exactly. Mine flees to the back-left corner. Not home and not part zero. With gcode out of CC.