Carbide Motion and the Homing Command on SO3

		Re: Carbide Motion and the G28 command
		by woodworkerbob » Mon Jul 13, 2015 1:42 pm 


		Decided to post the log after all.

What I did:
Powered everything up.
Invoked Carbide Motion, Connect, “l”, “m”, “h” in the MDI window. The $h command appears about the 4th line from the top.
I then entered a “$$” to get all the parameters, middle of page 1.
I exited MDI and went to Move Cutter “SET MACHINE STATE: JOGGING”
Clicked a single jog of 1mm in negative X direction.
Got slow continuous motion in X, Y and Z direction.


Attached log file:
cmfail2 - Notepad.pdf (22.1 KB)