Carbide Motion and Windows 10 problem

I have had my Shapeoko 3 XXL for about 2 months now and have completed several projects with it. My only issue is with the Carbide Motion screen interface. I have watched several users on youtube and there interface is on a single screen page. I can only see just over half of the interface at any time. So when initialize the machine or during jogging I have to scroll up and down the page. I reinstalled the software this morning same issue. (build 4.0.416) Does anyone have an idea on how to solve this problem. I am using an HP Spectre 360 i7.


You should be able to adjust your screen scaling / HDPI settings to allow things to fit.

Thanks, Will that worked. Changed scaling from 150% to 125% and it worked. So, I tried playing around with advanced scaling but no luck. There seems to be no happy medium between 150 and 125.

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