Carbide Motion beginners questions

I am a newbie here and I have a couple of questions about carbide motion…

  1. my software is currently indicating coordinates in mm. Is it possible to change this to inches?
  2. is there any users manual? or a keyboard shortcut cheat sheet?

Hi @rcsarge,

  1. Not currently, no. This has been requested elsewhere, and discussed a bit but because GRBL is working in mm regardless, getting values back from Grbl that don’t match what you’re seeing in the UI, especially if comparing between Carbide Motion and any other g-code sender tools or software, might be confusing.

  2. There is no “official” real manual nor cheat-sheet, as the entirety of the functionality of the software can be accessed by touch/mouse input. The only keys you need to know about are your arrow keys for x & y, and page-up/page-down for z-axis. There are a few other keys that get used for advanced stuff, but we don’t have those published, we’ll ask you if we need you to use them :relaxed:

Hope that helps, sorry those probably aren’t the answers you were looking for! We’re working on documentation, so that should be available in the future.

I believe we list all the keyboard and other options here:

Ah yes, thanks Will, there are also the wiki posts! X-)

UnionNine - Thank your for your answer. Your answer makes absolute sense. I will just need to brush up on my metric!

Will - Thanks once again. You have come to the rescue for me once more!