Carbide Motion board V2.4 connector

Hi all,
I just received a new control board for my Nomad Pro. I notice there are now a group of connectors labeled Shapeoko switches and another labeled Nomad switches. The connectors on my switches will not fit the Nomad connector. They will fit the Shapeoko, although I suspect this will not work due to the dual Y steppers and tool probe. Is there a new male connector for the homing switches available? Or at least a diagram since the individual pins are not labeled.

Yes. I thought I was clear. I was working with Jorge. I had specified that it was a Momad Pro. I had updated Carbide Motion when I started having problems with homing, freezing etc. I sent him my serial number and as he requested, a log file. He thought the new board would eliminate any guesswork.

All the machines use the connectors labeled shapeoko. The connector labeled Nomad is there for future proofing.
Can you post a photo of the connectors giving you trouble?The switches plug in like just like the old board.