Carbide Motion Control Board

What are the technical details of this board?

I pulled what I could on it from the website and the Kickstarter pages.

It’s an Arduino-variant w/ integrated motion control, right? Kind of like the AtomCNC board?

I’m not sure what an AtomCNC is but right now we’re using a shield, that we call a Carbide Motion Board, and an official Uno. It’s likely that we’ll layout a new board to combine them for the SO3.



That clears things up a lot.

(The AtomCNC was a single-board motion controller / Arduino which Atomsoft did a while back).

A further question. Will the Carbide Motion Board be opensourced?

If not, will there be some list / enumeration of how it differs from a typical g(Grbl)Shield?

It’s largely gshield compatible but we’ve got a cleaner layout, heavier copper, buffered inputs, an e-stop, connectors instead of screw terminals, and probably some other things I’ve forgotten at the moment. Given that we needed to ship this at the core of our product, we tried to eliminate any failure point we could find.

Regarding openness, hang on for a little while. We’ve got some things in the works that will be good.