Carbide Motion Crash when uploading files

My Carbide Motion keeps crashing when attempting to load a new file to cut. It gets to 11% loading and then crashes every time. I was able to cut fine before this.

I am recutting the same file, but just reduced the finishing pass from .02in stepover to a .01in stepover (cut time 34 mins). No other changes. This is when it failed to load in Motion.

Additionally, it sounds like the stepper motors are almost grinding only when I attempt to job the system to Current XY Zero (I think that’s the correct nomenclature). Only then, and no other time.

Carbide Motion is Build 575.

Any ideas? Thank you.

Is this when loading into Carbide Motion?

Or after loading the file, while sending it to the machine?

Post the file?

Horse Heart Finish.c2d (556 KB)

Yes, this is when loading the file into Carbide Motion. Connection to the machine is fine and I can launch Motion no problem. All other aspects of zeroing and such are fine (except that odd grinding noise for Rapid to Current XY). But when I load the file into Load New File, it stops at 11% and the program crashes.

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