Carbide Motion Crash

So I have an older Dell Laptop, dual core, from 2008 I think. Thought it would make a good shop machine. Win 7.1, 4GB Ram, 300GB Hard Drive. Runs MeshCam, Illustrator, Inkscape, etc…

But not Motion or Create. Create never launches, and Motion immediately crashes and says windows is searching for a solution.

My really good and expensive Win 10 laptop runs it fine.

Any Ideas?

PS: This laptop meets and exceeds the minimum requirements as listed on the website.

Apparently a driver update via the Dell website is a possible fix:

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Thank you! I’ll give it a go tomorrow evening!

From the wiki:

A possible fix is to open the program in 256 color mode:

  1. right-click the executable (Carbide Motion.exe)
  1. click Properties
  2. click the Compatibility tab
  3. check the “run in 256 colors” box
  4. click OK

Similarly, changing the colour mode to 256, starting the application, then changing back to 32-bit has allowed some users to run the program successfully. (Notably on Dell Inspirons)

Will and Apollo,

Thanks. Got it to work, surprisingly with Microsoft Video Drivers. The 256 trick did work, but I would rather expose my expensive machine to the dust. But that definitely pointed me into the direction of a video issue.

Thanks again,