Carbide Motion Displays Incomplete Characters

I have Carbide Motion displays all garbled up making it hard to read (see image below). I’m running it on a Windows & (Ultimate) PC (Lenovo T60 Laptop). The software run but it runs slowly as compared to a Mac Book Pro. I realize that there is quite a difference between the two machines, but the Mac has more options in the software then the PC and both are running the same (build 318 from January 2019). I also tried the current version, and this was worse.

Is there something defective with my Windows PC? Everything is set to the default resolution and color/palette on the PC and the current video driver. Is the PC just too old to run the software adequately? The PC is from 2007.

Does your machine have Grlbl 0.9 installed? When you say “current version” which version was it? If you have a recent machine it should have Grbl 1.1 and you should run build 416:

For the PC, try running a video driver from the graphics card manufacturer, rather than the computer manufacturer.

It might be that the new version will work better:

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