Carbide Motion Displays Incomplete Characters

(Tim VanMaldegiam) #1

I have Carbide Motion displays all garbled up making it hard to read (see image below). I’m running it on a Windows & (Ultimate) PC (Lenovo T60 Laptop). The software run but it runs slowly as compared to a Mac Book Pro. I realize that there is quite a difference between the two machines, but the Mac has more options in the software then the PC and both are running the same (build 318 from January 2019). I also tried the current version, and this was worse.

Is there something defective with my Windows PC? Everything is set to the default resolution and color/palette on the PC and the current video driver. Is the PC just too old to run the software adequately? The PC is from 2007.


(William Adams) #2

Does your machine have Grlbl 0.9 installed? When you say “current version” which version was it? If you have a recent machine it should have Grbl 1.1 and you should run build 416:

For the PC, try running a video driver from the graphics card manufacturer, rather than the computer manufacturer.

It might be that the new version will work better: