Carbide motion doesnt show the jog option

Motion doesnt even come up with jog option
Only run and settings and it wont run either getting grbl error code, been trying to get this running for hours got my machine yesterday and having anxiety over this already

I just started mine a couple of days ago and this is how I got to that screen.
Connect to cutter screen 1
initialize machine screen 2
jog is at the top between run and settings screen 3

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Please see:

That is totally unhelpful. Watch the videos. It is never shown how to get to the jog screen. It just appears in the video. Someone has already moved to that page. It would be nice if you had someone new to CNC and designing doing the videos because the experienced person is going really fast and does not explain each step (like moving to a different screen)(what all the icons are for.) (how to zoom)