Carbide Motion: Feature Requests

Positioning We’re looking to make big changes to the jogging, which I find painful on any mill. I’ll add your suggestions to the notes we have. Look for that in the next big release of Carbide Motion after the one a week from now.

Command line calls from the end of a program- The geek in my loves it. It’s probably not something we’ll tackle in the short term.

Prompts/Sounds/Emails We may add some method to email so that a text message can be sent. We’re still thinking about this one.

Spindle on when jogging. We need to add this.

Spindle stop during pause. We’ve got that in the new firmware that we’re testing. The new Carbide Motion is a big update to support this feature. Should be available in the next week.

Retract during pause. Possible but the edge cases that make it fail are significant. We’ll be looking at it but no guarantees.

If you throw the requests into a separate thread (for now, maybe that’s a bad long term idea) we can address the progress and timing as we look at them.