Carbide Motion: Feature Requests


I just found this. Sorry to be so late to the conversation. I am just getting going with my Nomad and ordered your edge finder. However, I can’t use it until I can get the spindle turning in jog mode. If I can’t use the edge finder I can’t use the machine! So I am dead in the water here. Any idea when you are going to add this functionality?

Also, is there a way you can smooth out the jogging? It seems that there is a pause/stutter when in rapid mode. If you could produce a smooth movement like when you use the power feed levers on a typical knee mill that would be awesome. Then you could face off a piece, move up and in the radius of the cutter, zero that axis, and have a good zero from that edge.

Thanks for any help…

Also, if you pause during a probing cycle, it waits a while and then fails the probing cycle. Just lost a few hours to that one.

Here’s a feature request. Open source everything so we can all help fix things. I’d love to be your first pull request.

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