Carbide motion freezes mid way

I’m having this recurring problem where carbide motion just freezes midway through a job. The machine just stops in place and I can’t click on anything in carbide motion, I don’t get an error message or anything it just stops in place. This has happened on several parts now, usually during 3d milling operations it seems, or at least maybe just the jobs that take longer. I have no idea if it’s a hardware issue or something in the gcode… although if it was the latter I would expect an error message. Thoughts?

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Might be EMI, please see:

thanks, thats useful info, it seems like sometimes I can’t connect to cutter after plugging in the usb as well. I have to unplug it and plug it in again … so it sounds like it must be some connection error.

Definitely sounds like an EMI issue, my XXL was doing the same thing when I first got it going. Follow that link Will posted, I had to carefully run my power cords in opposite directions, use separate power sources, and wrap my usb and the inside of the brain box with copper tape.

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