Carbide Motion Freezes

CM freezes when surfacing my wasteboard. It freezes at the same spot multiple times. Also, nothing in CM will respond when it does this. I have to kill the power.

Also, if I want to restart at line 148 of 333, what do i need to keep at the top of my gcode before starting line 148? I know I have to keep a certain amount of this to setup the job.

(Design File: .Users.scott.Documents.CNC.Carbide.Create.Wasteboard.and.Clamps.Wasteboard.Resurfacing.c2d)
(stockMin:-16.250in, -15.688in, -0.750in)
(stockMax:16.250in, 15.688in, 0.000in)
(STOCK/BLOCK,32.500, 31.375, 0.750,16.250, 15.688, 0.750)
(Move to safe Z to avoid workholding)
(TOOL/MILL,1.000, 0.000, 0.000, 0.00)

Wasteboard Surfacing - clear (4.3 KB) Wasteboard Resurfacing.c2d (6.1 KB)

Does it freeze, or lose the connection?

To resume see:

Maybe it’s a disconnect because the app allowed me to hit the pause and stop buttons but very strange that it happened again at the same spot. I’m not sure if it’s the same line of code but definitely the same spot on the wasteboard. I’m going to run it again and see if it produces the same result.

Are you surfacing MDF and using a shopvac while surfacing? If so it may be static that is causing your disconnects. I had the same issue when setting up my waste board. If using a shopvac, don’t just cut your board and vacuum when done.

Then go through the grounding or changing of your usb cable.

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Interesting… I’m surfacing MDF using a shopvac connected to a dust deputy and then to the dust boot.

For EMI disconnects please contact us at or see:

Lots of recommendations in this area point to grounding the hose if possible.

I approached that in this fashion, using a hose with a huge copper wire running through it, and making sure all bits and bobs were truly grounded.

I don’t know if it will protect from disconnections, and I hope to never find out :slight_smile:


Where can I pick up that hose? Would I be able to attach that to one of the existing screws on the z-plus and does the other end attach to anything?

I got it from Amazon:

I peeled back a bit of it and put the crimp tags on. Not sure about the Z-Plus mountings - the Carbide 3D 80mm spindle mount (nice bit of kit) has a couple of bolt holes in the side for air assist or a laser mount. Any nearby spot that ends up conducting to ground at the controller box would be applicable. I run the ground at the controller box into one of these:

but that’s a UK-specific item.

Thanks Gerry! Looks like I can do the same with what I’m using. I’ll have to give that a try. Btw, that’s a nice setup you have there!

Ha… thanks Scott!

Good luck with your issues. I think everybody here would like to know if your repeatable freezing issue is solved by a new hose and additional grounding.

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