Carbide Motion Issue, Dragging bit

Hello everyone, this is my first time posting to the forum although I have read many of your threads and appreciate the huge amount of information available here.

I am running into an issue with my machine that I have never encountered before and was curious if anyone had any input. I will start by describing the issue, and then follow with a paragraph explaining my setup.

Issue: When I start a job in Carbide Motion, I get the prompt to insert the bit I assigned to the job (like usual) but my z axis does not raise up (it used to always lift at this point, allowing me to remove the piece of paper underneath it I was using to zero my z axis). Not having encountered this before, I started the job anyway to see what would happen and found that going from part to part of the job the machine was dragging the bit across the surface instead if lifting the Z axis between segments it was working on.

Setup: I am running off of a 2017 MacBook Pro (I just updated to the new Mojave OS, don’t think that should cause an issue but thought it was worth mentioning), the bit I am using is an Amana 30 deg. V bit (#45771), and the medium I was cutting on was foam board (thankfully).

Let me know if I should have listed any other information that might be pertinent and thank you for any and all feedback.

have you checked the set screw in the Z drive and the tension in your belt? If the belt/wheel is loose, the carriage won’t lift the router. If you turn the power on so the motors are engaged, you should not be able to move the lift. If you can, then it’s likely your set screw or the belt is slipping.


As an update to the story, I just updated to the latest version of Carbide Motion to see if this might help and am still experiencing the same issue.

I am unable to move the Z axis using my hand with the machine on, also I can jog the Z axis perfectly using Carbide Motion and the machine initializes and zeroes all three axis’ normally

I’m not very familiar with Carbide Create, but it’s it possible your safe retract height was set to zero?

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Being new to the machine and software myself that could be, I am not sure how to adjust that setting or how I might have changed it.

In attempting to trouble shoot I loaded an old cutting path to see if I had the same issues, and the Z axis raised just like normal when I ran it. So it seems to be with my newly exported cutting paths.

I am exporting from Carbide Create.

See Job Setup (gear icon) | Machine | Retract Height

What should it be set to? What is the norm?

The default is 10mm.

It should be set to high enough to clear the stock and any intervening clamps or fasteners.

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