Carbide Motion issue height

I went on and put this under feature request. But it is more of a motion change request.
I’ve got both the bitsetter and the carbide probe. And once I have run one bit and router comes to front position for change I change and bitsetter is used to set next bit, the router raised back up and goes to center position. I hit resume and the router immediately starts lowering while traveling to the zero position, WHILE cutting through any front clamp I seem to place there.
Just drops too low.
Would much rather see it travel to zero high, then drop. Yeah, on or two seconds longer, but no damaged clamp or bit or knocked out of alignment router…

which app do you use to generate the gcode?
(iirc Carbide Create does what you describe for me)

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Gcode for cut was aspire, but it’s done the same from CC. I’ve not used latest version cm that is but a few times. May be more me… just don’t like hitting clamps

Which post-processor?

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