Carbide motion issue

I was vcarving a sign today and ran into an issue. The first part carved fine, and I let the job finish. I loaded the second gcode file, and it returned to “zero”. However, zero in this case was about 1/4 inch off on the x axis.

I quit the run. Exited the program. And proceeded to follow the same process. I had another successful carve and then yet another failure to return to the correct zero. The zero appeared to be the same spot as the incorrect zero from the second carve.

Shapeoko 3 XXL with Makita router. Latest carbide motion.

Please send the file, along w/ your notes on how to re-create this bug to and we’ll look into it and hopefully get this fixed.

Going back, I’m not sure which files I used that had the issue. I had been messing with disabling toolpaths a bunch and was using arbitrary naming on a bunch of Gcode files. It was pretty similar to this

However, I can say it may have partially been caused by having the log window open, since it did cause one of the subsequent cuts to be extremely slow.