Carbide Motion - issues and short wish list

Since there is some talk of Carbide Motion 6, here are a few items I have been collecting to throw out there:

  1. Measured job time between Carbide Motion and Carbide Create can have large differences for some jobs (ex. CC 8 min, CM 12 min). Would think they would be using the same approach to derive this…

  2. Carbide Motion - put the depth of cut in the preview info tab for files created with Carbide Create. Carbide Motion will show this if I load a Vectric file (but not a Carbide Create file)

  3. Carbide Motion - provide warning in preview when there is a cut outside of machine cutting area

  4. Carbide Motion - number of passes and current pass number displayed during job

  5. Carbide Motion / BitSetter - happens with small short tools where you don’t have a lot of stickout, if the tool is put in the router in a position where the tip of the bit will not reach the BitSetter when doing tool measurement = Shapepoko siezure (this does not sound good)

Shapeoko 4 XL


Add real time Carbide 3D VFD Spindle load meter, speed display/control, and maximum machine force (calculated from spindle torque and cutter diameter.)

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CM - In addition to the project time remaining, add time remaining for the current tool.
CM - Please fix/remove the “Preposition before rapid plunge” message that appears in the toolpath name area during normal cutting.

Fantasyland wish item: Resistance to forward motion. Basically how much pressure from the stock is pushing against the tool. I realize that when it’s ‘too much’ can be determined by listening to the machine and viewing the cleanness of the cut, but it’s been mentioned quite regularly that the C3D default feeds are fairly conservative, so this could be helpful in determining how much more feed rate or override percentage for a specific tool might be available on a job.

Worst case force can be calculated from spindle torque (readily available from Carbide 3D’s VFDs) and cutter diameter. :slight_smile:

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