Carbide Motion Jogging/Zeroing Bug

I encountered a bug using the latest CM2 on OSX to control my Nomad. When I manually enter an offset value into the Y axis text entry on the zeroing window and then press the ‘done zeroing’ button I’m no longer able to jog the spindle (pressing keyboard arrows has no effect). To get out of this state I have to hit the ‘quit jogging’ button and then reopen the jog window, which causes it to home the machine, generally scraping the end mill against the stock (since I was just zeroing it). I’m trying to compensate for the end mill radius when zeroing, so the numbers I’ve been entering have been negative if that matters. I haven’t tried this with the other axes, but this behavior was repeatable for me with the Y axis.

I’ve encountered that also in Win7. A workaround is that the on-screen jog buttons still work (at least for me). But it’s a little difficult to watch the screen (gotta keep the cursor on the right button) and the workpiece at the same time in that case. And for me the keyboard jog keys do work sometimes and don’t work sometimes when going back and forth between jog and zero.

It seems to me that the jog and zero/set functions could be integrated on the same screen while maintaining a decent screen layout even for tablet/touchscreen use.

I don’t know if this is related but occasionally I get locked out of manual entry of coordinates.