Carbide Motion keeps crashing

Carbide motion keeps crashing on me, this is the second time it has done this and its very aggrevating, we have a long project running and when this happens you can’t up the feed rate because the cuts are already started when the software crashes. Running Windows 10 fully up to date.


Very sorry to hear about this.

Carbide Motion has an upper file size limit which varies based on machine specificiation but seems to be at 20MB or a bit more — try to break down files — the techniques shown at: may help.

There are third party tools which do well with large files: — gctrl is used in Grbl testing on files with millions of lines.

If you continue to have difficulties, please send your source files in to and we’ll try to help.

Thanks, now my router has stopped working and snapped a bit. Just bought this earlier this month and only ran a few signs. Very upsetting

The great thing about CNC:

Given a properly prepared file, matching job setup, and nothing going wrong when cutting, a project will come out correctly.

The awful thing about CNC:

A project will only come out correctly if file preparation is correct, job setup matches exactly, and nothing goes wrong when cutting.

This post, and the entire thread may be helpful:

Hi I have the exact same happening to me and this is very frustrating and costly. what are the alternative programs that can be used instead of motion as this is not what i expected…

you could try CNCjs:

List of alternatives at:

(note that this is a community-maintained list)

Commercial options at:

The Grbl folks have a list at: