Carbide Motion normally slow AF?

Tried a few different versions and same issue is this normal? I can hit initialize machine and it takes 5-10 seconds before the machine moves. If I pause then stop a job, I can’t run any MDI commands because the machine is “not idle” and it sits there for nearly 2 full minutes then starts to initialize the machine again all on it’s own.
Laptop is only a year old, ryzen5, 20gig of ram and using the usb cable that came with the machine.

edit: when running the machine it the door must have vibrated away from the switch so it thought the door was open. no big deal, put a piece of tape on the door, light is on and the software would not go back to the run screen. I let it sit for 30min and it would go to the jog screen (although not work) and just not the run screen.

Did some more cutting and same thing. Randomly initializes itself after sitting at idle for a few minutes

Also went to mdi and I do a g0 x0y0 it will move there but if I do a small amount like g0 x.375 y.375 it doesn’t move at all

This is on the latest build of carbide motion

and agagin .was cutting and hit pause then stop and the machine just sits there as “busy” unless I hit the red stop button

When was this machine delivered? Wondering if the firmware needs to be updated.
See: Reflashing Shapeoko 5 Pro Firmware

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This is the nomad. Ordered April 2022, delivered May 2022

Ah, gotcha. Sounds like there might be an issue with the controller…? Or potentially a bad door interlock switch/wire. I’d reach out to to see if they can help troubleshoot. If you can try any other computer and/or USB cable beforehand, just to rule it out (they will ask) that will help speed things up.

If you want to poke around in the mean time, you can also up the settings panel and see if any of the homing/door switches register as triggered when they shouldn’t.

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I’ll try it out. There is no windows settings that interfere with usb speeds I should be aware of?

Oh also when I use the arrow keys to jog the machine sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t and sometimes it registers as I hit the button twice.

I have been told that sometimes with gaming laptops, there may be power or performance settings that can make things behave a little weird. I think the two things to look out for on the PC side would be whether or not something would cause the machine to go to sleep, or to switch GPUs.

The Arrow keys are sometimes problematic because of how the underlying software interprets them. They serve double duty as UI navigation (ex shifting selection of highlighted fields/buttons). Usually if you hold them for half a second, release, then hit them again they will work correctly for jogging. The better solution IMO is to use the W-A-S-D keys, since there’s no assignment conflict behind the scenes. They work much better.

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if you suspect USB powermanagement on a laptop, using a powered hub (so hub with its own power supply) can at times make a difference


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