Carbide motion not recognizing .svg files

I downloaded the latest version of carbide Motion and now my machine doesn’t recognize any of my svg. files. Help please

Carbide Motion doesn’t load SVGs — that’s Carbide Create’s bailiwick — if you’re having trouble loading SVGs into Carbide Create please post them here or send them in to

the only options I can see for saving files in Carbide Create are .svg or .c2d. neither of which are recognized by Carbide Make. What am I missing?


c2d is the name of the design file in Carbide Create.
But the machine only understands the “G-code” format, so this is what Carbide Motion expects.
The workflow is to use Carbide Create to create toolpaths based on vector shapes, and then to generate G-code files: check out this part of the tutorial videos:

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You need to assign toolpaths and export them as G-Code — as noted by @Julien there are tutorial videos on this.

I would suggest working through at least one additional tutorial beyond “Hello World” at:

To review and understand the different file formats used by the software for the machines please see:

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DUHHHH Thanks guys. I knew it had to be me. Been a long time since I last used my machine.

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