Carbide Motion operation

I recently upgraded Carbide Motion to #579. I don’t remember what version I had prior to the upgrade. Anyway, prior to upgrading, when running my Shapeoko 3 and after setting X, Y and Z, each time a tool path was loaded into Carbide motion, regardless of whether or not a bit change was needed, the router would move to the bit-setter, touch off and then move to the X, Y position and wait for me to start the router. Now, after setting X, Y and Z, then loading and starting a tool path, the router does not go back to the bit-setter, but instead begins the carving sequence. Question is, has there been a change in carbide motion that would cause this? I remember someone complaining in the forum that Carbide Motion was actually doing an un-needed step by moving to the bit-setter after each time a new tool path was loaded and a bit change was not needed.

Send the configuration with the new CM version. Double check your post processor in CC.

Have you enabled the BitSetter?

See the instructions:

Found the problem. A corrupt post processor file. Reinstalled and everything back to normal.

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