Carbide Motion - Pause behaviour

Would be nice if the “Pause” feature in carbide motion would retract the spindle and (potentially) turn it off. That, or add another button for “Clear Swarf” - retract the spindle, turn it off, so the user can reach in, brush/lube/etc, then continue. Leaving the spindle on and in the cutting channel isn’t the best.


That requires a change to GRBL, we cannot do it in Carbide Motion alone. Luckily, that code does exist in a newer version of GRBL so we’ll be looking to do a firmware update later in the year when we get everything else we want added in.


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Wondering if this is still in the works, or if there’s a workaround. I’d been using an Othermill with this feature and found it really useful for pausing a job overnight and then resuming in the morning.

My understanding (I don’t work for Carbide…) is that this is coming pretty soon. I think they were waiting for GRBL 1.1, which has the features they needed, and that also needs a new version of Carbide Motion. Sounds like this is weeks, not months away.

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Ah ok, that’s good to know, thanks!