Carbide Motion - PC requirements

Is there a memory or other requirement for Carbide Motion or Create. It will not run on my PC.
Win 7 Pro. – ?

I dunno. Runs on my 2GB Atom tablet running Win 8.1

FWIW, Carbide Motion requires: — don’t see why CC would need much more (or why any contemporary app or OS is so bloated — time was, 52MB on my NeXT Cube was something to brag about).

Interesting situation. I tried the SW on one of my Acer machines and it complained about not enough memory. So I upgraded to 4GB (from 2GB) and all was well. But that was not the machine I was going to use for final install. New machine a faster HP Compaq…2GB no complaining about memory just won’t run with messages as in my post. I do have an Acer tablet with 8.1 on it. Will try that. Jog buttons with touch interface work ok?
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  • Joyce

32 vs. 64 bit?

Intel E6400 64 bit. …

There have been instances of people having difficulties running the Carbide apps in 64-bit Windows — contact w/ the specifics of your machine and maybe they can work this out.

Thanks I have send info to support. FYI, I installed it ok on my Iconia/w3 tablet. So go figure?

But it crashed after three jogs. Seems to be related to an OpenGL call that doesn’t work right on some graphics cards.

@joyceck Do you have Nvidia graphic card for your E6400? If so you might need to get the Nvidia driver in addition to the build in graphic driver.

This machine has the Q33 Express chip set. So I am getting a better Nvidia based gpu stand alone card with the most recent OpenGl drivers.