Carbide Motion PCB on a Non Carbide 3D Machine

Hi all,

I have a non Carbide 3D CNC machine that I would like to run it with a Carbide Motion PCB.
I really like the simplicity of the Carbide Motion software, mainly the Shapeoko Touch Probe
and the Shapeoko BitSetter.

I would like to know if it’s possible to use the Motion PCB with a generic CNC machine?
Did any one else try that? Do you think I’ll face any issues in the process?

Currently, on my machine, I’m using TB6600 stepper drivers to run the Nema23 motors.
Is it possible to connect them somehow to the Motion PCB?

I’m afraid that we only sell our controller bundled with our machines, and that replacements are only intended to be available for our machines.

If a person manages to source a controller for this, while possible, it would be an unsupported use.

There are many other boards which are available for machines which are similar to ours — the Gradus M1 Pro from Panucatt seems especially nice and configurable: and there is a wide variety of communication / control software available:

Hopefully you can find something which meets your needs — we would of course love it if you bought one of our machines, and if you do, will do our best to help you with it.

That said, this thread would be better suited to the Shapeoko forums:

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No, the Carbide board has built in motor drivers.


Thanks for sharing this info!

Do you know if I’ll be able to connect the Shapeoko Touch Probe and the Shapeoko BitSitter to the Gradus M11 Pro? These are the main features I’m currently seeking for.

Since the Carbide Motion PCB runs GRBL, is it possible to configure its settings with $ commands, such steps/mm, rates, travel etc?

Thanks, do you know what type of motor drivers?



Yes, but you’ll need to share the probe connection and you’ll need to tap into a 5v source on the board. That’s pretty much how it’s done on the Carbide board.


My motors are rated for 2.8 amps. Do you think the DRV8818 driver will be able to handle them?

Can you please further explain about to share the probe connection?

Edit: After watching several guides and how-to’s about the Touch Probe and BitSetter, I know understand what you are saying. I’ll need to have the probe splitter for them.

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