Carbide motion percentages and other CM items

What is the percentage displayed in Carbide Motion? Is is by line i the .nc file? By character count?

Does it reflect actual machine status/job progress? Or is it something else?

Also: When I do jog to set zero, the run button goes away, even though CM still shown the job file. Reload is not a big deal, but this is a bit annoying.

The big issue: pause turning into quit. especially since any click on the window seems to trigger pause. With no ability to restart where the job left off, this is a bit of an issue. The last system I worked on like this was in the 1980’s. (microcode emulator for microprocessor dev. Had a proprietary PC for UI, F10 pulled up the menu needed to save status and trace info. On that menu, F10 was quit without saving. Guess which key on the proprietary keyboard got the most use and double triggered at random? More than one 8 hour overnight session was lost. I was very glad when I didn’t need to use that system anymore. Booked 24/7, and no one ever took a chance on opening it up to replace the keyswitch…)

More than one 8 hour overnight session was lost.

NEVER leave a CNC unattended! This is a serious violation of the safety protocols. It may not look like it, but there is a fire hazard plus a crash can seriously damager the machine if one doesn’t E-Stop it in time.

I personally know of a person who lost their detached garage due to leaving their CNC machine unattended - a serious fire. I arrived very shortly after a CNC job went astray and started a fire within the (wood) stock and the vacuum table.

Please don’t do that.

What is the percentage displayed in Carbide Motion?

Personally, I find the percent of little use. I would like to see something like this:

When one loads the G code, I want a box (a scaled outline of the bed, what size matches the machine; may change over time as more C3D devices come into existence). It’s empty.

ALWAYS let me have a color picker to set colors - there are plenty of color blind people out there! I’m not but I have a friend who is color blind more ways than I can count. He needs to do something really weird to my (and your?) eyes to be able to see anything (common red/green/yellow setups are nearly invisible to him).

There is a button (“visualize”) that runs the G code throwing away Z. Now I can get check that things fit on the bed and I didn’t screw up a zero. The lines and pixels are in the “prep” color. Didn’t “visualize”? No problem.

Now I have a “run” button. It runs the job and replaces the “prep” color (if it is there) with the “run” color as it goes. You can have a little field somewhere with the percentage complete. This visualization is a great way to check ones X0Y0 and to see where a currently job is.

The current position of the tool is always clearly marked - the “position” color.

The effective X and Y axes are shown as a “cross” against the workspace/bed. Didn’t set zero? It show an icon, off the bed, where the machine thinks it is.

When I run wood, I will have a dust head and I can’t easily see what’s underneath. This solves that and also makes a great display for onlookers.

The coordinates - in G code units - are visible and changing. The velocity in units per minute would be nice (low priority). Always show my RPM when the job is running.